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Introducing . . . The Fundraiser's Planner!

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Fundraising is unique.

Sure, it looks like sales, feels like marketing, and acts like finance, but fundraising has its own set of tactics and strategies that don't quite fit into typical planning tools.

If you’ve ever used a conventional time management system or yearly planner, you know there’s always something missing.

Of course you can track your to-do lists, manage your calendar, and set larger goals, but what if there were a time management system that helped you:

  • Keep track of your annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily fundraising and personal goals in ONE PLACE?

  • Balance your never-ending personal to-do list with your ever-growing fundraising activities?

  • Track of your fundraising key performance indicators and plan your next strategies to reach your goal?

  • Connect your personal values to your daily working, bringing more of your “WHY” into what you do?

  • Remember your stewardship and gratitude activities and to pick up the groceries on your way home from work?

  • Become a better fundraiser?

Well, now there is!

Introducing . . . . The Fundraiser’s Planner. Made for fundraisers by fundraisers.

This elegant, 8x10 planner is bound in a hardback linen cover and lays flat to make it easy to write in. There’s an expandable pocket on the back cover to store notes, receipts, and additional planner pages in.

It’s elegant and professional – you’ll be proud to carry this into meetings with you or have it on your desk.

Most importantly, it brings together the best knowledge in planning and time management coupled with proven strategies in fundraising.

It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use and the dates are intentionally left blank so you can use it for planning a calendar or fiscal year.

Its key strength is that it’s built chronologically to carry you straight through from annual goal setting to your weekly and daily to-do list without having to flip back-and-forth to different sections - you set a plan on day 1, page 1 and carry it all the way through the end of the year.

It also includes prompts to help you identify and set those goals, track your fundraising results, and see how you progress on all of them.

The contents include:

  • Your Personal Purpose – prompts to help you set goals and focus on your “why”

  • Annual Fundraising Plan – setting fundraising goals for the year

  • Personal Plan – your own goals for the year, whether they’re fundraising related or not

  • Quarterly Goals – setting shorter-term goals for each quarter. And each subsequent quarter provides space to review how you’ve done and what needs to be accomplished in the next quarter.

  • Monthly Goals – each quarterly section contains a monthly overview and calendar with prompts and guides to set your actions for that month (like: “Five donors or funders I will call this month!”)

  • Weekly/Daily Goals and Actions – each monthly page is followed by weekly and daily action lists, key priorities and fundraising and personal actions

Each section also contains a review page to reflect on how you did during that time period and adjust your goals or plans as needed.

And much, much more!

In short, The Fundraiser's Planner contains everything you need to plan your whole year, stay on top of everything you do and need to do, and can help you be an even better, more organized fundraiser than you already are.

For more detailed information on The Fundraiser's Planner, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Fundraiser's Planner Community

When you purchase your planner, opt in to the monthly email newsletter, because every month you'll get links to resources and planning tools on the most top-of-mind topics and trends you can use to create your most successful fundraising plan ever.

If you'd like deeper engagement, connection to other fundraisers and planner users, and access to some of the best resources and training in the sector, join The Fundraiser's Planner Community!

  • Free Monthly webinars on current fundraising topics you can use to put to work right away

  • Monthly town halls to gather and talk with other fundraisers and some of the leading experts in the sector

  • An online forum to share ideas, success, advice, or inspiration with other fundraisers and planner users

  • A monthly newsletter full of fundraising resources, trends in the industry, and downloadable planning tools to add to your planner (like our Ultimate Special Event planning tool or the Year-End Fundraising Strategy guide). These additional planning tools, that you can store in the back pocket of your copy of The Fundraiser's Planner, are only available to members of the community!

How Do I Get One?

The Fundraiser's Planner will start shipping in late December, 2022, but we are accepting pre-orders right now.

And during the pre-order period it's being offered at the lowest price it ever will be - 50% for off for anyone who orders their copy before shipping begins. (And that includes free shipping!)

We anticipate shipping to start around December 19th or 20th, which means the planner will arrive just in time for the new year!

The response so far has been phenomenal! Fundraisers all over the country are rushing to get their copy.

Because this is our first year, supplies are limited so you will definitely want to order your copy soon.

Visit to order your copy today before supplies run out.

And while you’re there, be sure to sign up for The Fundraiser’s Planner newsletter to get all of the additional resources we’ll be sending throughout the year.

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