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Get Organized. 
Get Focused.
Get Fundraising.


Get It All Done

Yes, Dear Fundraiser, you CAN get it all done.

Even while you're wearing too many different hats and keeping all the balls in the air, wondering "Where did the day go?!?"

From setting annual goals and the steps you take to reach them, to staying on top of today's seemingly endless to-do list, The Fundraiser's Planner has you covered.

Whether you're a Mighty Team of One or the Road Warrior Champion of Donor Portfolio Management, The Fundraiser's Planner can help you tame those tasks, reach your goals, and make you an even better fundraiser than you already are. 

High Quality

You'll be proud to have this on your desk or carry into meetings with you.  Lay flat binding, easy to write in.  Quality paper so ink won't smudge or smear.


Connect your purpose to your goals so you never lose sight of your "Why".


No flipping back and forth, you can follow your plan from yearly to quarterly, then monthly and daily/weekly.


Set a goal, define the path, follow the steps - success!  Easy-to-use format with space for notes & reflection.


A full year in one easy-to-use planner.  Undated, so it's easily adapted to calendar or fiscal year.


Learn from colleagues & connect with other fundraisers.  Share ideas & successes, or a listening ear and encouragement.


Everything in One Place

The Fundraiser's Planner puts everything you need to do in one, easy-to-use, chronological system.​ You start with setting personal and professional goals and the plan you'll follow to reach them.Then you'll follow, day-by-day, how to track those goals yearly, quarterly, monthly - and, yes, every day and week as well. 


Now you have a system that will help you steward that major donor or submit that game-changing grant proposal - and also remember to pick up milk on your way home from work. It's your life and your work - focused, organized, successful.

Group Calls
Powered By Community

The Fundraiser's Planner Community is an online forum for users to connect with each other to get support, bounce ideas off of, get advice or help with a tough problem, and celebrate the work we all do making the world a better place.

What's included in The Fundraiser's Planner Community:

  • The planner itself (with free, regular shipping).

  • Monthly webinars focused on fundraising planning and time-specific fundraising initiatives

  • Free access to recorded webinars and other fundraising resources.

  • Regular Town Halls bringing the community together to talk about anything and everything.  

  • A monthly e-newsletter full of great tips, trends in the sector, and best practice.

  • Add-ons to the planner to keep in the back pocket.


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